Hi, I'm Megan, Life and Business Coach. 

Following on from ten years experience as an HR Manager and Business Partner, and three years teaching English around the world, I embarked on an entirely new and wonderful challenge – motherhood. Whilst at home with my Son I reflected upon the highlights of my working life, the aspects I personally got most satisfaction from, and those which were truest to who I am and what I stand for, and my answer was loud and clear - I love to help people develop and grow into the individuals they want to be and whom they are entirely capable of becoming, and to achieve the things they set their minds to.  So here was born my vocation and calling as a professional and fully qualified life coach helping women to achieve real demonstrable results they can be proud of. 

My 'Why':

As we evolve as a species, arguably the gender lines are becoming more blurred, but it still stands that women are wired to be more compassionate, nurturing, emotionally strong, and to naturally and effectively collaborate and connect with others.  I passionately believe that women are the ones who can make the world a better place; this is why the UN and major NGOs are very interested in and focused on the empowerment of women in the developing world. 

Men and women still have undeniably different physiologies and psychologies, which emerge from our innate genetic differences, but I believe that genes for the most part simply establish potential behaviours; it is society that reinforces them. We still live in a world where many women have been conditioned to be “nice little girls”, and we still have various survival mechanisms wired in to our primal core.  From this comes a whole load of insecurities, beliefs and fears which hold us back and prevent us from flourishing in to the happiest, most balanced and fulfilled versions of ourselves.  

I am thrilled to be able to share my learning, experience and skills to make a difference to women's lives and businesses, to help women shed these things that hold us back and confidently and successfully strive towards what we truly want. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone can benefit from coaching; afterall, who wouldn’t want someone devoted to supporting their unique personal growth, helping them to obtain total clarity on their goals and a strategic and deliverable plan to guarantee the achievement of them and feel confident and great doing so?

My mission is to empower women to become the leading ladies of their lives!              


* International Coaching Federation ACC Accredited Coach   

* Graduate of the YB12 Life Coach Academy 

* Certificated relationship coach

* NLP Practitioner

* Clinical Hypnotherapist

* 10 years experience in career and personal development within an HR role