Did you know that you are already a part of the biggest shift in human history: the empowerment of women.

Women make up over 50% of the global population but it’s only really in the last 50 years that they have been stepping up into positions of power and influence – immersing themselves in to the workplace and rising up in corporate and leadership positions, alongside being more active in politics, sports and in their communities.

Women have also been starting more businesses than ever. According to research commissioned by American Express, over 1200 women per day are now starting businesses in the US, that’s four out of ten new companies being started by women, and this is a trend being echoed in most developed nations around the world including here in the UK.   The developed world is flourishing because women are becoming entrepreneurs.

There is no better way for women to become financially empowered than through businesses of their own, and through the businesses women are starting and growing, women are gaining more influence and power. This is changing the world because studies show that women use money and influence differently to men – women tend to invest in education, social programmes and community causes. In fact, studies show that the most affluent and abundant countries in the world where there is the most prosperity and peace are the countries where women have the greatest levels of influence. Conversely, those countries still plagued by civil war, poverty and starvation are those countries where women’s rights remain very limited. So there is a very compelling correlation between the roles and rights of women, the levels of influence they have, and how well countries do globally.

This isn’t so much about gender, but rather about character strengths and personal qualities. As we evolve as a species, arguably the gender lines are becoming more blurred, but it still stands that women are wired to be compassionate, nurturing, emotionally strong, and to naturally and effectively collaborate and connect with others.  Historically, to survive and flourish as a species we needed the more traditionally "masculine" qualities (aggressiveness, assertiveness, competitiveness, physical dominance, etc), but to flourish as a species in today’s world we need to be better caretakers of our environment, we need to think beyond ourselves, think globally and work together. Moving forward, prosperity in the world depends on a balance of all these qualities, both the traditionally "male" and traditionally "female" qualities. This is what is happening in the western world, and if women had more say in the developing world, it is possible that we would have more peace and prosperity globally.  This is why the UN is very interested in and focused on the empowerment of women in the developing world, and many major NGOs are putting a great deal of time and resources toward funding programmes that empower women; these organisations know that to fastest way to make real lasting change in the developing world is to empower the women. There is no greater way to do that than through female entrepreneurship.

There is no tool for global development more effective than the empowerment of women
~ Hofi Annan, UN Secretary general

Female entrepreneurs everywhere are playing a part in this massive world shift that has the potential to positively change our planet.  We are so privileged to have the opportunities that we do here in the Western world.  We are lucky to be born to a place where we don’t feel limited or disadvantaged by our gender; we can do anything we set our minds to. We can transform our own lives by following our dreams and passions and start our own businesses, and simultaneously (and unknowingly) support this global trend towards a better world.

Strong women = strong world
~ Women United For Change

If you want to join the ever-growing band of female business owners and hone your ideas, passion and capability towards a life and business you love, a life coach can help you make the first steps and establish yourself on the path to incredible things! Contact me today for more information and go in the direction of your dreams!