As human beings, we have a wonderful goldmine between our ears, a bank of enormous potential, creativity and ability just waiting to be exercised and fully road tested. However, it can be frustrating when you have some great ideas and goals, but you just can't seem to make them happen. 

The reason people often don’t pursue their dreams isn’t due to a lack of ideas or vision; generally people can readily tell you what it is they want to achieve and exactly how they could it, we all have the know-how and we have the power, so why aren't we all blissfully living the life that we dream of and accomplishing our biggest goals? 

Here are four top tips to help you plough through the obstacles in your way and put your best foot forward in the direction of your dreams. Go on, start today! 

Tip One:   Become More Self Aware

We all have our own unique and special strengths and talents to guide us through life and empower us to become the best people that we are capable of being.  So, start with a healthy dose of soul searching and self-analysis to reconnect with yourself and discover who you truly are, what it is you stand for, believe in, feel passionate about and value in life. You need to understand yourself honestly and whole-heartedly in order to see what it is you really want to achieve and ensure that your goals are in alignment with what matters to you. 

None of us are perfect, we all have strengths and weaknesses, and we all mess up sometimes, but once you recognise and appreciate your individual talents and skills, you can harness them and put them to work in your quest to make your dreams come true.  You can also learn to dodge your weaknesses, or turn them around in to strengths!

Specific qualities don’t define our ability to succeed; it is our ability to make use of our own strengths and weaknesses that determines our outcomes. 

Tip Two: Stop Over-thinking

You should avoid constant analysing and fretting over every detail and possibility.  Whilst you don't want to recklessly or flippantly make big decisions or changes, you usually know the right course of action instinctively and shouldn't be afraid to go with your internal judgement and trust your vibes. Equally, don't be afraid to fail.  Ask yourself, what it is your would you do if you absolutely knew you couldn't fail, and then do it anyway! 

Tip Three:  Know How to Accept a Compliment  

A lot of us fall victim to putting ourselves down. Even when someone praises or compliments us, somehow we just don't believe them and we brush it off. If you're one of these people, then start teaching yourself today the beautiful skill of accepting praise gracefully, as well as making sure you are also readily giving praise where praise is due.  By focusing on and celebrating the good in our lives and of those around us, we build a positive attitude which is imperative to success. 

Tip Four:  See Obstacles as Opportunities

Often when we start something new, our initial excitement and enthusiasm soon begins to wane and give way to the onset of avoidance behaviour, fear, self-doubt and excuses.  We can start to feel overwhelmed by it all and see nothing other than the obstacles in our way. Learn to recognise when you are doing that and rather than letting those defeatist little voices in your head take centre stage, start to view those perceived obstacles as opportunities that can each take you a step closer to your goal.

Seeing a world of opportunities rather than obstacles presents an almost infinite freedom to learn and improve yourself, and you'll build self-esteem and confidence along the way. 


What are the things that give you the confidence and motivation to follow your dreams, and what methods have you used to beat fear or procrastination? Let us know in the comments below.