Being the Leading Lady of your life is about accepting responsibility for it.  We all create our own worlds - the decisions we make every day and the way we respond to situations that life throws at us, they are all our choices to make. Taking ownership of your life, taking charge and accepting responsibility, is empowering, and that’s what being a Leading Lady is all about. 

Only you can determine your achievements and success. It’s not your circumstances, it’s no one else’s fault and it’s not lack of time nor even lack of money. It’s you, plain and simple, through the choices you make and the paths you opt to take. You’re in charge of your own success, so let’s take the first steps on the journey together right now:

Re-connect with yourself

You’re always growing and changing based upon your personality and life experiences, so a healthy dose of self-reflection is always time well spent. Learning about yourself and reflecting on where you are in various aspects of your life is the starting point for understanding your current reality and setting yourself appropriate goals for the future. Set time aside to think about where you want to be, what you want to achieve and desire. Envision how you will achieve this and put plans in place to get you started. Whether it be through little tweaks or big changes, regain control of your life and steer yourself in a positive and fulfilling direction.

Define success

In order for your success to make you happy, you first need to be clear what success really means to you. Everyone has a different definition of success based on their individual ambitions, priorities, values and goals.  Identify what you would like to achieve and, most importantly, be yourself; when setting your goals and thinking about what you want from your life, it’s important to put aside peer pressure, conformity, and others’ expectations in order to be true to yourself. Ask yourself what are your passions, your priorities and your values? Only when we set goals that are true to ourselves are they really meaningful and fulfilling when we achieve them.   Become a success on your own terms.

Embrace change

The only thing any of us can really be sure of in life is that it won’t stand still; it’s constantly changing and it’s up to you to keep up with it and embrace the new opportunities it brings. We all tend to have a propensity to sameness – sticking to what we know, even if it doesn’t feel that great it’s somehow more comfortable than stepping in to the unknown. There’s a part of the human mind that is often referred to as the “lizard brain” – the part of the brain that is concerned only with survival, and it likes the tried and tested and true, flooding you with adrenaline warnings of danger as you veer off course. This was a handy function to have when deviating from the familiar path to the watering hole may have led to an encounter with a saber-toothed tiger, but in the modern world it’s more responsible for holding us back and withholding our potential than keeping us alive.  So, ignore your inner reptile and try something new and slightly scary!

Leading Lady Coaching works by supporting and encouraging women to take ownership of their lives, make positive changes, fulfill their potential and live their lives to the full, achieving life-long ambitions and goals in all aspects of their life. Become the woman you strive to be and live with intention, not regret! Contact me today to start your journey of personal growth and breakthroughs right away.