Nope, the real question is: why do we put off that which we know we should be getting on with, the stuff we know will propel us forward in life towards the best version of ourselves and our greatest lives? Procrastination is pretty much a form a self-sabotage really isn’t it and it doesn’t make much sense.

Or perhaps it does – the VIA Inventory of Strengths, a psychological assessment measure widely used to identify people’s character strengths, consistently finds that self-regulation, the ability to act in your own best interests, is one of the least prevalent human character strengths.  And, as Psychology Today puts it, ‘procrastination is quintessential self-regulation failure’.  Self-regulation is a skill, and like any other skill it can be learnt and improved upon, and beating the impulse to procrastinate is a good place to start.

Most of us are guilty of procrastination at times, but the true procrastinator chronically avoids tasks and deliberately looks for distractions. For the true procrastinator, procrastination isn’t optional, not something they can just decide to stop doing—it’s something they don’t know how to not do, and they must retrain their habits, behaviours and mindset in order to truly overcome it.

Procrastination is the biggest blocker to success and the biggest time-eater and its depths go far beyond simple laziness or lack of motivation. The basis of almost all chronic procrastination is fear – a fear of failing, a fear of rejection, or even a fear of success.

The next time you find yourself procrastinating, ask yourself, what am I truly afraid of here? Dig deep, it won’t be obvious, but once you’ve identified the limiting beliefs buried under the surface of what appears to be illogical behaviour, you can confront the real reason why you are not getting on with it.

For my top tips on beating procrastination, click here I will send you a handy helpsheet. Go on, do it NOW, don’t put it off!!!