So, hate is a strong word right, but how do you feel on a Sunday night knowing another week at work awaits you…. do you feel dread and a total lack of motivation to go to work? Do you feel frustrated, disillusioned or fed up with your job? If so, you’re not alone!

Research shows that up to 70% of people dislike their jobs ~ Gallup, 2013

Sometimes this feeling can go on for months, maybe even years. A lot of people stay in their job because they don’t know what else they can do, or they feel trapped by financial commitments… stuck in a sticky swamp that is slowly consuming them. If you’re one of these people, believe me, there is a whole load of hope at your reach - plenty of things you can do within your current job to improve things, or the option to build a strategy to leave your job and do something you genuinely love.

Here are two key options that can help you determine what your next step might be if you currently hate your job and want to move on.

Option One: Utilise Existing Skills or Industry Sector

What is your current skill set? What is the industry you have the most experience in? When changing jobs, continuing with a career that utilises your existing knowledge and expertise is an obvious place to start and it provides two potential avenues:

Firstly, you can continue to do the same role but in a different organisation that may well have a location, culture, values or pay rates that suit you better. is an upcoming website where you can get a sense of what a company is really like to work for, with reviews being posted by current and past employees.

Secondly, if you like the company you work for but need a new challenge, look for a promotion with greater responsibility or a side step to a different department with lots of new things to learn. It is easier to shift job type, or take a step up, in the company you are already in because you are a known quantity to them. Speak to your Line Manager or HR about the potential options.

With these two avenues in mind, and thinking about your current job, consider the proverb “don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater” - generally speaking, things are rarely all bad. In fact, of the people who report to be unhappy at work, they claim to enjoy around 33% of the day. So if you can start by breaking down your current situation in to the good bits and the bad bits, and construct a well-considered change that incorporates the things you would like to keep, whilst discarding the bits that are making you unhappy. So, start by doing some analysis to pinpoint the specific bits that are frustrating you now, the reasons you are feeling fed up, alongside that, identify the bits you actually do enjoy. From there, you can see if there is scope to work with what you already have, or if it unsalvageable and time for total change… in which case, there are other options…

Option Two: Develop New Skills or Industry Sector

This is about taking a step in to the great unknown. A complete fresh start. It starts with a mindset shift from thinking about your current job as a place you are stuck in, but rather as a launchpad from which you have built up your skills and experience to propel you towards other options.

If you have a niggling feeling that there’s something out there that’s completely different from what you do now, that’s more in line with your desired lifestyle, interests, values, passions, and personality, then start exploring what that might be and how you could make it work. Maybe you dream of a completely different career path, or starting your own business; the options are limitless. Taking time to find out what might suit you and putting a plan to get you to where you want to be, may seem daunting, but it is possible, and career coaching can help you do this if you don’t know where to start. You can also try a self-assessment tool, such as The CliftonStrengths Assessment, which is a tool to assess your unique set of natural talents and how to use them to maximise your potential. A great place to start when considering a total career change is to identify what comes most naturally to you, when are you most in flow - feeling charged and confident and effective, just by being yourself and not having to try to hard. If you can start by assessing your natural skills and abilities and figure out how to apply them to your professional life, you will find a career that enables you to be authentically you, one that plays to your strengths and uniqueness.

Remember that if you want to re-write you career story, this will involve change, and change involves stepping out of your comfort zone, being open-minded, resourceful and brave enough to accept the risk of failure. Mistakes are opportunities for growth, and failure only occurs when you stop moving - if something doesn’t go the way you want, but you keep going with a slight change of course, then it is not failure, but rather a bump on the road, and the road to a fulfilled and happy life is rarely completely smooth.

If you would like some professional help in setting your career goals, finding new opportunities in alignment with your greatest self, then please request a free discovery call and get the ball rolling now with some career coaching. There is always a solution, always a better way. So no need to worry, no need to panic. I am here for you.