relationship coaching 

Whether you're looking to improve your existing relationships, or seeking to develop new ones, relationship coaching can help you create your own blueprint for the type of relationships (both romantic and non-romantic) that you want to have in your life and put together a practical plan towards the creation of them. 

Relationship coaching is life changing because it gives you a special opportunity to assess the relationships in your life, or those that are missing, decide for yourself how you ideally want things to look, and support you to get to that special place you want to be - to ultimately have more loving, fulfilling and healthy relationships!

I am a certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator, with powerful coaching tools to help you explore your needs and desires and craft a pathway to a better life. My relationship coaching is based upon the concept of 'Enlightened Relationships', which begins with you becoming enlightened in yourself. Being enlightened is about getting yourself prepared to be in the relationship that you are looking for, addressing any barriers and patterns of behaviour that are preventing you having happy, healthy relationships. Ultimately, it is all about you developing greater self awareness to know who you are, where you want to go, and how to get there, so that you are empowered to step forward towards it. 

The coaching programme will explore all aspects vital to creating happy, fulfilling relationships, including:

  • The importance of a relationship vision and support in developing one. 
  • The science and biology of love and why love and drama are addictive (and how to stop the cycles).
  • How the unconscious mind drives our relationships and how to reprogram beliefs, patterns, habits and triggers.
  • How happiness affects relationships and find your way to create happy relationships.
  • Developing your own communication strategies that really work to create low-conflict, highly connected conversations.
  • Explore the power of forgiveness and effective strategies for letting go. 

Through the coaching programme you will consciously choose to grow as an individual to become your best self, fully ready to embrace and create healthy, happy and rewarding relationships.